Mont Saint-Michel Tour


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On request, and if there are more than 20 participants, a guided visit of Mont Saint-Michel can be organized on Friday 29th June afternoon. The tour costs 62€ per person (including VAT).

The tour is organized by Saint-Malo Voyages Concept.

If you are interested, and if you want to register, please contact:

Email :


The schedule of tour is the following:

02.00 pm — Departure from St Malo via direct road : Dol de
Bretagne, Pontorson.

03.00 pm — Mont Saint Michel is a granite island about 80 m ((262ft)) high, the most visited monument in France. The mount is usually to be seen surrounded by huge sand banks. The
movement of the tides in the bay is very great and the difference in sea level between high and low water can be over 40 ft, the highest in France.

03.30 pm — The Abbey’s origin goes back to the early 8th century when the archangel Michael appeared to Aubert, bishop of Avranches, who founded an oratory on the island. Until the 16th century, a series of increasingly splendid buildings in the Romanesque and then the gothic styles succeeded one another on the mount. The well-fortified Abbey was never captured. In the middle ages, Mont St Michel was one of the most important pilgrimage places. In 1811, it was converted into a national prison and has been listed as national monument since 1874. Since 1969, a few monks reside on the mount again, conducting services in the Abbey church.
The tour does not go from building to building nor from period to period but from floor to floor through a maze of corridors and stairs. Visit of the Abbey church and the «Marvel» wonderful rooms of gothic architecture going back to the 13th century, E.G. the cloisters, the refectory, the guests hall and the knights’hall.

05.00 pm — Free time for walking along the main road of the medieval city lined with souvenir–stores or along the remparts from where you may admire the view over the bay of Mont St Michel and the peninsula of Cotentin.

05.45 pm — Departure for a tour along the bay of Mont St Michel showing you many different marvelous landscapes. All along the bay, famous for its fishing grounds, you will discover oyster and mussel beds. Oyster breeding is an activity carried out on 375 Ha by more than 500 firms. It demands hard work which occupied an important part of the population living in the bay. Mussels grow on oak trunks planted in the sea ((called bouchots)). At low tide, possibility to see a «forest» of trunks ((more than 250.000)) stretching over 12 km. An average 10.000 tons are delivered all over France.

Following the road, you will discover polders–land which has been taken from the sea using the same methods as in the Netherlands Cancale, charming little fishing port and seaside resort famous for its oysters. The port « La Houle», a bustling animated area, especially at high tide with the fishing boats coming in. At low tide, view over the oyster beds.

Return to St Malo via the coastal road. Grouin point», a wild rocky headland overlooking the sea from a height oh 40 m ((131ft)). At clear weather, marvelous panorama. Point of departure for wonderful walks on the ancient «customs walk». Landes Island
opposite is a bird sanctuary and nature reserve.

We will pass by l’anse du Guesclin, Rotheneuf, and will then arrive at St Malo.

07.30 pm – Arrival in St Malo