Buying a Fruit Dehydrator uk

A fruit dehydrator uk is an easy to use kitchen appliance that takes the hassle out of drying your own foods. Rather than having to worry about food spoilage or mould, a dehydrator allows you to preserve foods at a low temperature which can extend their shelf life by up to five times compared with foods kept in the refrigerator or freezer.

Many foods require pre-treatment or conditioning before dehydration to ensure even colour, texture and flavour – for example, strawberries can discolour quickly if not treated well, but this is easily overcome by rinsing and draining thoroughly before drying. This also helps minimise oxidation which can result in a brownish texture and taste when dried.

Dehydrate with Confidence: Top Picks for Food Dehydrators in the UK

A good dehydrator should be able to achieve the perfect mix of texture and flavour for foods and should have a range of settings to adjust the drying temperature, depending on the type and thickness of slices and other factors. The Luvele Breeze is a good example of a compact, energy-efficient model that can dry foods in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Its drawer function makes it easy to monitor progress without having to disturb the controlled environment – though we recommend a mandoline or sharp knife to ensure even slices for best results.

The great thing about dehydrated fruits is that they’re not only a healthy alternative to junk food but they’re packed with heaps of nutrients and stacks of flavour. They’re the perfect addition to at-home cocktails, drinks, platters, and charcuterie boards, can be added to smoothie bowls and breakfast cereals, used as decorative elements at home or in your business, or made into potpourri for a calming natural fragrance.

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