Can a Mushroom Microdose Help Depression and Anxiety?

mushroom microdose

For some people, psilocybin—the active ingredient in magic mushrooms—is a powerful tool to manage depression and anxiety. However, large doses of psilocybin can cause unpleasant and even terrifying experiences that are often referred to as bad trips. To avoid these experiences, most people who microdose consume only a fraction of a standard dose. These smaller doses are referred to as microdoses, and they can be administered as frequently as once per day. Learn more

A recent study found that participants who regularly use a small amount of psilocybin experience improvements in mood and mental health, and decreases in symptoms of depression and anxiety over the course of one month. The study also found that there was a significant relationship between reported outcomes and the participant’s expectations, which could indicate that placebo effects and expectancy play a role in the observed outcomes.

Subtle Shifts: The Guide to Exploring Mushroom Microdosing

The findings of this research are based on self-reports from a subset of participants (n = 294). In general, participants who reported the most positive results were those that had been microdosing for longer periods of time, and were more experienced in navigating the experience. The most common challenges included physiological discomfort, which includes disrupted senses (visual), temperature dysregulation, and numbing/tingling sensations; psychedelic interference (disorientation, racing thoughts, cognitive sabotage); and other perceived challenges (n = 64).

The study’s limitations include the fact that it was observational rather than experimental. Furthermore, the improvement and reduction in symptoms of the study’s participants cannot be attributed to the psilocybin, which is why more rigorous research on this practice is needed.

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