Certified Tub Refinishing

If your bathtub or shower is looking dingy and old but you don’t want to invest the money in replacing it consider refinishing. This process can usually be done in a day or less. Refinishing is also referred to as reglazing or tub resurfacing. However, it is much more than simply painting and should only be completed by certified refinishers using top-quality materials and full safety equipment.

To begin with, the certified tub refinishing is stripped and sanded thoroughly. This is important because the new finish adheres best to a smooth surface. Any cracks chips or rust spots are repaired with time-proven methods and techniques. Then multiple coats of the coating are applied. A sealant is then added to protect the new finish and prolong its life. The finish that is used is Poly II, which combines the distinct advantages of acrylics with an aliphatic-based ASTM Type 5 urethane system producing a super tough film for an extended coating life span.

Certified Tub Refinishing: Ensuring Quality and Reliability

A refinishing technician will cover the floor and other fixtures in your bathroom with plastic to prevent overspray and dust from carrying over areas that are not being refinished. They will also use an exhaust fan to vent the bathroom during and after the refinishing process, which can take six or more hours. It is very important to use a high-quality mask and have family members leave the home during this period to avoid inhaling chemical fumes.

While DIY kits are available at most big box home improvement stores, they typically don’t include the proper cleaner and sandpaper to prepare the tub for refinishing. In addition, these kits may not include a durable resin coating but instead use an epoxy that is quick to discolor and chip.

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