Cheap Used Electric Cars

cheap used electric cars

Many new electric vehicles cost more upfront than comparable traditional models, but over a lifetime of ownership they can be significantly cheaper. That’s especially true for used buyers. But finding a cheap used electric car depends on your individual needs. You must consider the driving range of the vehicle, how often you will need to charge it and if you will have the right infrastructure at home.

Whether you are seeking a second vehicle for around-town trips or a family hauler, the best cheap used electric cars will have a minimum operating range of about 100 miles. But even that’s not enough to get you by in every part of the country — unless you live very close to public charging stations, or have a very short commute.

Finding Budget-Friendly Deals: Cheap Used Electric Cars

The best-value used EVs tend to be older models, such as the Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Kona Electric. But even these relatively early-generation vehicles have strong residual values and excellent battery efficiency. A well-equipped 2022 Model S, which was discontinued after the 2023 model year, can be found for less than half of its initial MSRP. You can also find used Chevy Bolts and other small EVs from the same generation, with a few having perks like Super Cruise hands-free highway driving.

You can also score deals on more advanced, more luxurious EVs from the previous decade by checking local incentives and rebates, which are usually available for both new and used EVs. And if you can pay cash, you’ll enjoy an even bigger discount.

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