Email Risk Scoring and Fraud Prevention

email risk scoring is an essential part of any fraud prevention solution. Its goal is to make your fraud detection smarter and stronger by combining advanced analysis with powerful data, providing you with an effective overview of customer risk.

Email Risk Scoring

A comprehensive score results from an extensive list of analysis, collecting complex data into a single, easy-to-understand metric. By analyzing several risk factors simultaneously, the score is able to detect suspicious activity that may otherwise be missed by other assessment tools.

The risk score looks at many different attributes associated with an email address. For example, it checks whether an email address has been found in a blacklist, which can indicate fraudulent activity. It also checks if the email domain is one of the popular temporary mail service providers that are often used by fraudsters to bypass registrations and OTP password verification. It also looks at how the local part of an email address is formatted (j4n3d03 might not stand for janedoe) and whether it’s been used on social media accounts.

Email addresses can be used to sign up for online services, purchase goods and even conduct credit card transactions. It’s important to assess the risk of these activities in real time. This way, fraudsters can be caught before they cause expensive chargebacks, fake or duplicate accounts and free trial abuse. The best way to prevent this is to use email risk assessment along with user validation and transactional risk analysis.

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