Foam Expert Group Explains Spray Foam Insulation

With the right insulation, a home or commercial building can enjoy immediate and long-term energy savings. In addition, it can help to minimize problems like mold, moisture and noise. The airtight seal created by spray foam insulation also ensures that dust, pollen and other allergens cannot get inside the house. This makes for a healthier living environment, and it reduces the need to constantly replace filters that are filled with pollutants, dust mites and other allergens.

While other types of insulation are limited in their use, spray foam can be used anywhere. This is because it expands to fill all spaces, including nooks and crannies. It can even be applied on the underside of roof sheathing, where it can keep the heat in and prevent ice dams from forming.

Spray Foam Insulation for New Construction and Renovations | Foam Expert Group

Spray foam is also a good choice for sealing the attic and other areas of a home, which is where water vapor tends to collect. This is important, because it can lead to the rotting of wood and other issues. Spray foam is particularly useful for older homes, where there may be no other options for addressing the problem.

In order to determine how much spray foam is needed, contractors must first find the surface area of the space. This is a simple task that involves multiplying the length of the wall and height by a specific number, depending on the stud spacing in the house. Once the total surface area is determined, the contractor can then figure out how much of each type of spray foam is needed. This allows them to avoid overspray and waste and ensures that the house gets the proper amount of insulation for its needs.

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