Instagram Comment Moderation Tool – Hide Inappropriate Comments

Instagram Comment Moderation Tool

Instagram users can now block offensive comments, report spam, or opt to make their account private. They can also use a new feature that allows them to hide comments on their posts with specific keywords. This new tool will be especially helpful for brands that have high-profile followers, like celebrities or athletes, or that deal with a lot of abuse on their accounts.

The new comment filter is simple to activate. Just open the Instagram Comment Moderation Tool app, tap Settings and slide the Hide Inappropriate Comments switch to ON. You can choose from a list of words or create your own custom list (though Instagram’s default setting only includes words that have been reported as offensive). When you turn this feature on, it will hide all comments that contain the selected keywords from your view and from other people’s views. You can still delete a comment by tapping on it and selecting the trashcan icon or reporting it to Instagram using the stop-sign-with-exlamation-mark icon.

Keeping it Clean: A Guide to Effectively Using Instagram’s Comment Moderation Tool

If you want to enact this comment moderation tool on your own Instagram profile, you’ll need to update your app to the latest version, available now in the App Store. This feature is a great step towards making Instagram a safer place, but there are many other tools out there that can do even more to protect your audience from harassment and unwanted content. Look for a platform that offers real-time monitoring and fast responses to inappropriate or hateful comments so you can take action quickly. A reliable Instagram comment moderation tool like CommentGuard will also offer robust AI filters that you can customize to hide profanity, toxic language, spam URLs, images, emails, phone numbers and more. And you can manage all your different Instagram accounts from a single dashboard.

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