Keyboard Warriors: The Life of Hardcore Online Gamers

This article uses a qualitative persona-based focus group interview approach to examine the parameters that distinguish casual from hardcore 카지노사이트 with special attention for gender differences. In four focus groups (FG1 to FG4), one gaming persona was presented to each of the participants to represent their gaming habits and its incorporation into their daily lives. This persona contained different compartments for personal and demographic data, game genre preferences, gaming history, budget spent on games, social component of gaming and attitude towards competition and challenge in gaming.

Keyboard Warriors: Inside the Lives of Hardcore Online Gamers

The KW is most often encountered in the comment sections of social media pages or public websites where it frequently engages in arguments with strangers about controversial topics of public interest. In this context, it seems that the KW primarily acts as a moralizer and not an analyst. Its prioritization of moral truth over factual information means that providing any amount of contrary factual information will do little or nothing to change its mind, as long as the KW resoundingly states a predetermined moral truth (e.g., “racism is wrong” or “free speech is untouchable”).

Interestingly, the KW tends to judge whether someone can be considered a gamer based on the kind of games they play. For instance, to some KWs, if you spend time on Candy Crush or similar freemium games, you’re not really a gamer. In contrast, if you’re playing a modern first-person shooter such as Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead, then you’re definitely a gamer in the eyes of some keyboard warriors.

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