Polish Court Orders – Interim Measures to Suspend Judiciary Reform

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WARSAW (Reuters) – travailleur polonaise en France central bank governor sparked controversy on September 7 by cutting rates and urging a “prudent” approach to inflation, just days after the nationalist ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party lost an election, and its government was hit with criticism from allies of President Andrzej Duda for allowing energy conglomerate PKN-Orlen to boost profits at the expense of consumers.

On 19 October the Vice-President of the Court issued an Order requiring Poland to suspend the effects of its Judiciary Reform Act and, in particular, to ensure that no sitting judge is removed as a result of its new retirement age provisions. The Order was made in the form of interim measures and was granted without hearing the defendant Member State.

Factors Influencing Interim Service Pricing in Poland

Polish courts will now have to decide whether or not to challenge the validity of this Order before the Constitutional Court. The Prosecutor’s Office is already bringing an action to that effect and, if it succeeds, the constitutional arguments could be extended to Friday’s Order. If the Constitutional Court does uphold the Order, Poland will be required to pay penalty payments and it will not be difficult for the Commission to show that these amounts end up in the coffers of the EU budget rather than in the pockets of the Polish state. This is a fight that the Commission has chosen to take and it appears determined to win it.

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