Spray Foam Insulation – Why It’s Best to Hire a Qualified Contractor

spray foam insulation  Quality Insulation

As an insulator spray foam insulation Northern Virginia expands to fill crevices, making it very effective at minimizing air and sound infiltration in residential and commercial structures. It is often used to seal joints around pipes, wires and windows. Unlike fiberglass blown-in insulation, spray foam is durable and won’t compress or shift over time. It also offers design flexibility and creativity by fitting hard-to-reach areas. Spray foam insulation can be sprayed into walls, floors, ceilings and attics.

Although spray foam can be DIY, it’s best to hire a professional contractor that will ensure consistent expansion, thorough coverage, and high-quality performance. Additionally, a qualified installer can provide advice on health and safety considerations.

Spray Foam Insulation: A Sustainable Choice for Building Envelopes

In addition to poor installation, poorly sprayed foam can lead to mold growth and rot and may affect the roof covering of a property. This can result in a roof replacement cost that will be passed on to future homeowners or mortgage lenders.

The National Insulation Association has published guidelines for surveyors and lenders who use spray foam as part of their work so that they can accurately assess the condition of a roof covered with spray insulation as part of a mortgage valuation or building survey. These inspection protocols have been welcomed by the residential property industry and should help to reduce the number of properties with defective spray insulation. This will in turn reduce the risk of costly roof repairs for new homeowners and potential mortgage applicants.

Quality Insulation
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