Toronto Airport Taxi Rates

Toronto airport taxi rates are regulated and set by the city. For example, taxis that leave the airport must have a valid fare meter and drivers can’t charge more than the official price, even during peak hours. In general, a ride from the airport to downtown will cost around EUR 40 ($60 CAD). Taxi fares vary by zone, however. Moreover, toll fees, intermediate stops, excess luggage and more than 4 passengers should raise the final price.

Furthermore, taxis should accept card payments but not all do. In any case, it’s highly recommended to ask the driver if they have a point of sale machine and if they charge extra for card payments. It’s also customary to tip the driver 10%-15% of the total fare for a pleasant, convenient and safe ride.

Unlocking Toronto’s Transit: Demystifying Airport Taxi Rates

If you prefer to know what your ride will cost ahead of time and don’t want to worry about a rising meter, we recommend choosing a pre-booked taxi service with fixed fares. Such services can be found at the taxi ranks lying outside the arrival area of the terminals. They’re available around the clock and the drivers are always waiting for their passengers to arrive. The taxis will drive you to your hotel and you can enjoy a stress-free journey. To book a taxi at Toronto Pearson International Airport, look for signs in the arrival area and follow the instructions of your pre-arranged provider. To make things easier, some companies offer early flight services and wake-up calls, ensuring that your driver will be there when you land.

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